Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Tasmania

剛柔流 空手道 タスマニア

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Junbi Undo Kihon Kata Kumite Dojo Kun 

Kumite is the practice of sparring.


The main types of sparring used in this school of karate-do are pre-arranged sparring, continuous sparring, one handed sparring, sticky hand sparring and free sparring.


Students within this system do not begin sparring until they have successfully passed a number of gradings and have already demonstrated a reasonable amount of understanding and control.


Other forms of sparring practiced within the dojo include:

Kamae no Hou (Art of On-Guard position)

Kihon Yakusoku Kumite (Basic pre-arranged sparring)

Ippon Yakusoku Kumite (one attack pre-arranged sparring)

Tewaza Kumite (Hand technique sparring)

Jukyoku Kumite (Slow and soft sparring)

Uchikomi Kumite (Attacking training)

Tandoku Kumite (Shadow sparring)

Tai Kuroobi Kumite (Free sparring against black belts)

Goshin Juitsu (Self defence techniques)

Nihon Yakusoku Kumite (Two attack pre-arranged sparring)

Shiai Kumite (Competition sparring)

Jiyu Kumite (Free sparring, full power)

Sekkin Jiyu Kumite (Close range free sparring)

Jiyu Awase Kumite (Co-ordinated free sparring)

Koha Kumite (break opponent's kamae)

Kakie (push hand)

Sen no Kumite (Anticipation sparring)

Seishi no Kumite (Restraining sparring)

Fuji no Kumite (Sealing sparring)

Go no Sen Kumite (Counter sparring)

Docho Fuchaku Kumite (Matching rhythm and adhesion sparring)