Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Tasmania

剛柔流 空手道 タスマニア

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Dojo Kun

  1. The Dojo is a sacred place where the human spirit is polished.
  2. To maintain the Dojo and your home neat and tidy always.
  3. To purify your mind and body. Be introspective, review oneself and pray.
  4. To refrain from committing murder, suicide, lying, betraying, sexual abuse, adultery and taking drugs.
  5. Treat everyone on Earth decently. Karate-do begins with courtesy and ends with it.
  6. There is no pre-emptive attack in karate-do.
  7. To concentrate on both mind and body movements in kihon, kata and kumite training.
  8. To train and study both kata and kumite as one.
  9. To consider your opponents limbs as real swords. The way of Karate-do is life and death.
  10. To study and master Tenshin, Hente, Chikara-no-Irenuki and Kokyu-no-donto, which are the secret and essence of the art of Karate-do.
  11. To study the Karate art requires dedication and strenuous effort. It must become a way of life.
  12. To cultivate the power of courage by strengthening our mind and body and overcoming any difficulties in our life.
  13. To pursue Karate-do means to seek to master oneself and at the end, to be enlightened.
  14. To attain the state of ‘No Mind’ and gain absolute freedom, by removing fear and attaining a peaceful mind.
  15. Karate-do may be referred to as a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, endurance, and hard training, learning, studying and your own creative efforts.
  16. No matter how you may excel in the art of Karate, and in your scholastic endeavours, nothing is more important than your decent behaviour and humanity as observed in our daily life.
  17. We must not be poisoned by the seven poisons such as: greed, anger, hatred, stupidity, conceit, jealousy and malice.
  18. We appreciate divine nature such as: sun, moon, earth, water, air, rain, wind, clouds, fire, fauna, flora, food and universal life energy for supporting our karate-do life.
  19. To study and realize the meaning of HERE-NOW, HERE-NOW, all is (completed) just HERE-NOW. This is it, Enlightenment, as it is. NOW, as everything is!
  20. Before Enlightenment - chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment - chop wood, carry water.

Written and revised by Kenshu Hideo Watanabe, September 2008.