Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Tasmania

剛柔流 空手道 タスマニア

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Membership and Training Fees

NEW! Goju-Ryu Tasmania is offering 2 free trainings. Contact us for more details or show up for one of our trainings.

Goju-Ryu Tasmania only charges yearly memberships and grading fees to students.
Students are required to also be members of PCYC. Session fees are payable to PCYC for the use of their facilities.

  Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Tasmania PCYC
Training fees
Adult - $5.00 per session
$35.00 per 10 session card
Student / Concession - $3.50 per session
$25.00 per 10 session card
Yearly Membership    
Adult $100.00 $35.00
Student / Concession $100.00 $20.00
Family - $45.00
Family (2+ members) 10% discount for renewing members $45.00
New Members $75.00

The membership fee is payable each January and it includes insurance. 

Goju-Ryu badge embroidery is available on request.